Saturday, January 10, 2015

Voting for President in 2016

If you have been following me, then you know what I am going to say next. I will NOT vote for Jeb Bush or any mainstream politician. Our debt level, over $18T, now controls this country. We have NO ability to respond to the world as we have historically. As I have said, I voted for Ross Perot. The Bush family set the stage for our diminishing influence in the world, and the Obama family set it in cement. It is time for the world to be independent of the U.S. Without money, there is no power to control others. As a nation, we are managed by the powers of the immature. The BIG picture is illusive to them. It is a tragedy and yet an opportunity for a GREAT change for all of us who still live in this world. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 is underway. We can be proactive, an observer, or disinterested. I look at the $18+T debt and shudder. This country stills talks the talk, but our underpinning has noticeably weakened because of our financial situation. Our foundation is unstable. The support by the Federal Reserve printing money is an illusion and creates instability.

Our political parties are acting as if this debt doesn't  exist in a meaningful way. We need new leaders in Congress. Playing the same record will not improve our standard of living.

I voted for Ross Perot because of my disappointment in the Democrat and Republican Parties, and as a result indirectly voted for Bill Clinton who won. I feel that we are at a crossroad, an important moment in history when a third party needs to rise out of the ashes.

As I peruse all the information, news and opinions, regarding the 2016 presidential candidates, I see the same energy of the past with no change. I am a strong fiscal conservative and identify myself as an Independent. I will not vote for any candidate who does not have a change of venue in the way to run this country. We are financially underwater and I see no one addressing this with actions.

The United States leaders are living in an illusionary world thinking we are still the mightiest and greatest in all ways. If we are going to fall, I hope it happens quickly versus bleeding us over the years until we recognize that we are out of blood and it is too late.

We, as individual citizens, are going to need know how strong we are within, and decide what ways we want to participate in saving this country. I am a strong believer that it is the grassroots who are the ones to carry the torch. It doesn't matter how much money the elite have and are using to control and coerce Congress and the President. They, as a collective, are lost to self-absorption and the material world only. It is up to us, wherever we are on the map, and whatever we are doing with our lives, to take the initiate for the benefit of our grandchildren, great children and all of those who follow, long after we are gone. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Beyond Right and Wrong

Standing as an individual today takes courage. One has to see beyond right and wrong for a clearer picture of what this country is transforming to. Disagreements from what the leadership promotes are no longer allowed. The minority are screaming at the top of their lungs to silence the rest. It takes a strong personal foundation to withstand the onslaught that has no energy for tolerance.

Every physical difference between us is being used against us, whether it's our race, gender, gender preference, economic standing, beliefs, and so on. The President is leading the charge to point out all these differences and how bad they are to some particular group.

As I stand back, it seems that we have reached a peak of separateness that is starting to show cracks in the foundation. I suggest using what is unfolding to 'know yourself' better. I feel that the "purpose of life is to actualize the authentic self. Love is the outcome." Love is what is going to keep these cracks growing wider to start the direction of coming back into balance with ourselves as humans showing a respect for one another.

The larger pattern shows that this country is being led by emotionally stunted adults, operating through their childish selves. This results in abuse of power and self-absorption to the extent of excluding what would benefit the whole. We have to take the responsibility for putting them in these positions to squander any good for the citizens. Self-empowerment needs to be the focus now. Taking steps to expand that energy is essential to prevent going off the cliff like lemmings. Time to take inventory of where we are with life, not only in the material, but more importantly, where we stand with our conscience and inner sense of justice. We may not have the public voice that screams over the airwaves, but together we will make a difference. Looking back at history and the different revolutions, violent and nonviolent, it was a few who brought a new direction for the masses. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Make sure you vote. It's one of the freedom's we have left. Don't let apathy keep you from acting.

Our president, and the congressional leaders are emotionally immature. Watch how their actions are different than their words. They are all wrapped up in the 'me' syndrome. We need mature people running this country, those that can see the big picture and are looking out for the best good of all.  The  the small petulant statements reflect how immature the person is who is saying it.

Go beyond ideology for this election. Vote as Americans and remember our heritage and what our ancestors have given us since the beginning of this country. Lets keep it going in the 'just' way that recognizes and allows each individual an opportunity to self-realize in a climate that encourages it. Entitlement energy takes that away and keeps the person small. Adjusting policies to make everyone the 'same' only belittles the individual. We have people who belong to the crowd. We need individuals to take the lead for this blind collective group.

Voting is our most important way to influence the environment we live in and the direction we want it to go. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our country has reached a critical mass with the intensity of negativity, all in the name of freedom and getting reelected. My recommendation is the same as 2010; vote out all incumbents, up for reelection on both sides of the aisle. That includes the president. Neither Obama or Romney are appealing, but as a business person and knowing what debt can do to a person and country, I want someone in there who is prosperous and knows how to live below their means. That means Romney. Hopefully, he will choose a vice president who is more than blasé. Now is the time to take risks, shake up the establishment in Washington, and lead by example, telling us what we need to do and giver to turn this country around.

I am all about self-empowerment and self-responsibility. Leading in a manner that encourages all of us to move into this energy is essential. The wind has been taken out of our sails when it comes to believing we can achieve what we set our hearts to. There's too much oppression and enabling energies that keep a person down. This country consumes 80% of the world's prescription drugs covering depression and anxiety. Isn't that amazing? That is a reflection of the deterioration of our society.

Having the leader of the Senate using that chamber to say the opposite of what our justice system stands for is a travesty; 'you are guilty unless proven innocent', using Romney's tax records as the focus. This is such a disrespect for this position. Again it reflects what we have to come as a nation.

I think we are all ready for a massive shift to optimism and inspiration. With our current leaders, it seems impossible because only negativity is projected. Stay strong within and vote to remove those who have held us back, those who are looking out for their personal and political interests first. We have ended up being the servants because congress has ignored the fact that they are elected and are of service to us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herman Cain

I have been silent because I write when I feel strongly about something and my previous posts became repetitious. That is part of the process, but as I have emphasized in the past, until foreclosures reach a bottom, our financial world will limp along with these gyrations in the stock market that occur on a whim. Yes, Europe and other factors weigh in, but in our environment here, this is the challenge along with continued spending.

What has brought me back to writing here again is Herman Cain. He impresses me because he has radical ideas and that is what we need. The same path will only create more oppression because of our debt level. We will be stifled and I'm concerned that we are moving more toward 'apathy.' That is not the path for a democracy and capitalism. His background in business and the federal reserve shows that he has experience on both sides. His 9 - 9 - 9 tax plan is simple yet would have a profound impact on our country if implemented. This is what we need now. The two frontrunners that the media promotes are too much of the same that we have today. This country needs someone who has the endurance to go up against the old guard and have the staying power to implement the changes that we need to start a new path for the country. Without this, our legacy for the young people and unborn will not be something to be proud of.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exciting Times To Be Alive

The World Bank president said global food prices are only 3% below the all time set in 2008. And in those countries where 50% or more on their income is spent on food, civil unrest is gaining momentum regardless of country boundaries. The question is will the next boundary to be removed be in Saudi Arabia?

By 2050, based on the world's current population growth, there will be 9 billion people to feed. We will need as much food for the next 40 years as has been produced in the last 8,000 years. It looks like we are close to the breaking point as reflected by the Mideast and African countries uprisings.

Finally, here is another way to compare our country's $14 trillion debt to get a better handle on it. To pay that off in gold, it would take DOUBLE the entire amount of gold ever found in the world.

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